Current Openings:

IT Support Specialist

We are looking for someone a little different.  For too long, IT people have gotten the reputation as intolerant, impatient, and generally unpleasant to work with.  We are working to change all that.  We are working to make IT services truly a service business, where clients are truly put first.  Where things like amazing customer service and true dedication to offering IT services clients are glad to use aren’t just flowery words in a mission statement.  In our opinion, clients have gotten used to settling for far too little “service” from their IT service providers, and it is our aim to show them what great service and impeccable quality really look like.

We are seeking an IT Support Specialist to assist our clients with the support of their computers/users on their network.  Support will be performed on a remote basis (via screen-sharing and/or video).  Support will be delivered during normal business hours the same day the ticket is received. As such, qualified applicants MUST be available and unencumbered during these hours. Maintenance and other high-level tasks are typically scheduled to be done after-hours (at the tech’s/clients discretion).

Specifically, our clients require support with:

  • Windows Servers: 2008 to Current
  • Windows Workstations: Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Firewalls and Network Appliances
  • Security, Especially for End Users (malware, phishing, ransomware, best practices, etc)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Apache/Tomcat for Windows
  • Sundry Mobile Devices (iOS & Android, mostly)

To be qualified for this position, you must be an expert with the above platforms, including at least 3-5 years’ direct-experience supporting these platforms in a professional, business setting.  Preference is given to applicant with a focus in desktop security (e.g. you know the difference between Spectre and Meltdown and you’ve crafted group policy to protect against ransomware). In addition to technical expertise, we are seeking someone who genuinely enjoys offering service to clients and has a knack for training (especially around security issues for end-users).  At the end of the day, we are a service business, and it is our mission to offer support that is not only of exceptional quality but is also an exceptional experience.  Our mission is to create delight while helping our clients be successful, and we only work with those who take pride in doing the same. Going forward, our target clients are nonprofits and thus someone who can translate needs in layman’s terms, and offer service that does not require other technicians to integrate, will be very important.

Specifically, we are looking for someone who:

  • First and foremost, is service-oriented, friendly, and enjoys helping others. If you do not enjoy interacting with people, helping them by working to solve their problems, this isn’t the job for you.
  • Is patient and dedicated to solving problems all the way. We work problems until they are resolved, all the way, every time. We take the extra steps to make sure problems are fixed and don’t force our users to be our testers.
  • Is rock-solid reliable. Given that this is a remote-support position, reliability needs to never be in question. Additionally, solid self-management is required. We need to nail promises to clients every time.
  • Has impeccable attention to detail. To you, details matter and if something isn’t all the way right, you work it until it is.
  • Can communicate complicated technology to differing levels of understanding/engagement.
  • Enjoys creating delight and seizes every opportunity to deliver value to others.

As you can tell, we put a high premium on service to our clients.  Truthfully, that is our differentiator, and why clients choose to work with us.  There is no shortage of IT providers out there, but there aren’t many who truly put service first, and are a pleasure to work with.  That is our aim, to be the service leader of the IT services business.

This is a part-time, contract-based position.  The provider will be paid time spent offering support or working on approved projects (we bill/pay to the minute).  Over time, for the right individual, this position could grow into full-time.  We are a growing company with ample opportunities for future advancement. Starting out, the expected time commitment will typically vary between 40 and 60 hours a month.

To apply, please send resume and at least three professional references.  In addition, please provide a cover letter that speaks to:

  1. Why you do this sort of work.
  2. What personal qualities allow you to be successful.
  3. How you approach IT support.

Please do not leave this off, applicants who do so will be at a distinct disadvantage.

About Us: 1123IT ( is a new, sister company of 1123Interactive.  Our aim is to take the same exceptional service and support we offer our web design/development clients and apply it to helping clients run highly-reliable, well-supported IT networks.  We have clients waiting for support and aim to fill this position immediately.