About 1123IT

1123IT was founded on a simple premise, that combining razor-sharp technical expertise along with a true spirit of friendly, glad you called us, sort of service is not only possible, but the way IT service should be done.

We have a background in providing amazing service. Our sister company, 1123Interactive designs, develops and builds amazing responsive websites. More than that, though, 1123Interactive focuses on the human element of technology, of people interacting with interactive tools to accomplish their goals.

Our personable, amazing staff is based both locally and remotely, offering in-person service and support as well as access to the best of the best talent, regardless of where they live.

Our philosophy is to create win/win/win situations. We offer our clients amazing service, our staff a great place to work, and the end-users we work with a friendly, delightful experience. We don’t make computer issues the end-user’s fault, and we don’t minimize people because they don’t know what we do. We work to empower people, allowing them to utilize their technology to achieve their personal, work, and business goals.