WIndows 10 Upgrade/update Spokane, WA

Upgrading Computers to Windows 10 in Spokane, WA

Windows 10 Upgrade Spokane

With Windows 7 reaching end-of-life in January 2019, organizations need to upgrade to Windows 10 to continue receiving security updates, something that is **critical** in this day and age of security threats from viruses, spyware, and ransomware. If you are looking for a Windows 10 Upgrade Spokane, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a notice on your screen that Windows 7 must be upgraded? We can help with that!

Windows 10 Upgrades Without Losing Valuable Files & Data


One of the benefits of doing IT work for a long time, almost 20 years now, is that this isn’t our first upgrade rodeo. We have tools to smoothly upgrade, update, and deploy Windows 10 so that no data or other critical files are lost. Plus, and most importantly, we work with you to plan your upgrade so that all of your important files and data are protected and disruptions are kept to a minimum. Buttery-smooth, that’s what we aim to deliver. 

Upgrade Computers In-Place

We will upgrade your computers to Windows 10 where they are after-hours. This means minimal downtime and, most often, staff can just pick up where they left off the previous day.


compatability checks

The first thing we do in an upgrade is to take a thorough inventory of all of the software and hardware your organization uses to make sure everything is compatible. If we find systems that won’t upgrade to Windows 10, we’ll work with you on several options to address the issue.


security comes standard

We work with you to set up your Windows 10 environment for maximum security (with minimal annoyance). From making sure virus and ransom protection are up to the task, to making sure critical files and data are backed up, we can help you have peace of mind when it comes to knowing you are protected.

Windows 10 Spokane Upgrade Pricing

Windows 10 Upgrades (including Windows 10 license) start at $300 per computer. Already have Windows licenses? We can work with you on a discounted per-workstation cost. Just mention this in the quote form below. We are scheduling now for upgrades to Windows 10 in Spokane, WA.


We Have Special Windows 10 Pricing for Nonprofits

Just let us know you are an NPO in the Windows 10 Upgrade quote request below and we will give you custom pricing.


Windows 10 Upgrade/Update Pricing Quote


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