We are an IT Service business working on an expansion of products/services for nonprofits, specifically in the area of IT Security. We’ve done some webinars, both paid-for and free, and we aren’t really getting anywhere. It is clear that there is both a pressing need for what we are aiming to do as well as a shortage of solutions currently out there, but we need some help getting through to the opportunity.

We are looking for a nonprofit marketing expert to craft a six-month marketing plan which either we can execute ourselves, or we can work with the said expert on. We would like to eschew things like social media verbosity and doing passive, speculative “free” work now in the hopes of getting people to pay later.

We are looking to build/promote these services on a national scale and there are plenty of nonprofits out there (40,000 in our state alone). We’d like to find a someone who can craft a smart, efficient strategy which we can target a national (US) audience. There is no revenue associated with these new areas yet so we will also need to be very efficient with things like time/budget.

The sad truth is, hackers know that nonprofits are easy targets and we want to help organizations protect themselves from the often catastrophic harm that modern IT Security threats can carry. This is about helping organizations that are doing good in the world protect themselves against those who would like to steal from them.

As this role deals with targeting nonprofit clients in the US, US applicants are preferred. Additionally, those with experience marketing to nonprofits on similar sorts of projects/roles will be strongly preferred. Our budget for this project is $500. When applying, please submit a proposal with your relevant background and thoughts about an approach.

You can learn more about our IT Security offerings for nonprofits here: